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The white granules from MagicCore are specially designed to identify blood in cat urine, so you can be sure your feline has never had any accidents. Simply spread these over the litter for an easy solution!

Cats can be stubborn creatures and often hide their health problems from us. This is because they typically do not display any outward signs of discomfort, which makes diagnosis tricky for humans as well as vets who may not know what to look out for in your cat's behavior or body language (or lack thereof). Fortunately with recent advances like MagicCore it has become easier than ever before – now you'll always know when something isn't right!

Indicated to detect the early presence of blood in urine and even microhematuria (urinary tract that cannot be seen with just naked eye). The presence of this semi-transparent substance has been associated with over 30 different health conditions; some which may serious like cystitis orcrystalluria are common.

Cat Urine blood Self-test Granules (10 pack)

  • 1.Open a 7g bag of blue granules from our product line, then spread them evenly over clean litter(about 6 kg litter)

    2.Observe the crystals that have been in contact with urine when you clean your cat’s litter box, If they appear white or yellow-colored after use then there is no sign of blood contamination on them; however if their color turns blue this means one thing - it detects presence for hemoglobin which indicates an infective state somewhere within his/her body. Consult a professional immediately!

  •  If the MagicCore granules have turned BLUE after coming in contact
    with your cat’s urine, or if you are unsure about their colour, remove all
    of the affected granules from the litter box and replace them with new
    granules (if necessary). For the next 24-48 hours, pay close attention to
    your cat and the colour of the new granules as your cat’s urine
    comes in contact with them. If your cat shows any signs of illness or
    peculiar behaviour, contact your veterinarian.

    *Remove the clumps and soiled litter every 24 hours in order to avoid
    the possibility of obtaining skewed test results. Test results can become skewed, especially if your cat urinates on the same granules several times.
    *If your cat’s urine contains very few red blood cells, the typically
    blue colour of the granules may disappear over time.
    *To ensure the optimum performance of granules, the use
    of clay based clumping litter (bentonite) is recommended.

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