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Cats Cat Physiological Pants Cat Clothes Pet Vest Clothes for Puppy Lovely Cat Clothes Summer Vest 



Material: 100% cotton

S: Chest : 29cm; Neck : 20cm; Back Length: 20cm; Suitable pet's weight: 1.5kg
M: Chest: 34cm; Neck: 24cm; Back Length: 25cm; Suitable pet's weight: 3kg
L: Chest : 39cm; Neck circumference: 28cm; Back Length: 30cm; Suitable pet's weight: 4.5kg
XL: Chest: 44cm; Neck : 32cm; Back Length: 35cm; Suitable pet's weight: 6kg

Cat Physiological Shorts Puppy Dog Washable Underwear Sanitary OverallsPCXD22031

  • MOQ for customization is 100 pieces/color.

    Length assists you throughout the project: Functions, materials, colors, sizes, shapes, trims etc.  

    Please contact us, our sales team is here for you!

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