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Dog Bee Lightweight Waterproof Raincoat Jacket PCAD22052



Material:  PU


XS: Back Length:20cm, Chest:30cm Neck:20cm

S: Back Length:24cm, Chest:32cm Neck:25cm

M: Back Length:28cm, Chest:40cm Neck:30cm

L: Back Length:32cm, Chest:48cm Neck:35cm

XL: Back Length:38cm, Chest:54cm Neck:38cm

2XL: Back Length:46cm, Chest:68cm Neck:48cm

18: Back Length:44cm, Chest:56cm Neck:42cm

20: Back Length:51cm, Chest:64cm Neck:46cm

24: Back Length:56cm, Chest:76cm Neck:54cm

28: Back Length:67cm, Chest:90cm Neck:58cm

Dog Bee Lightweight Waterproof Raincoat Jacket PCAD22052

  • MOQ for customization is 100 pieces/color.

    Length assists you throughout the project: Functions, materials, colors, sizes, shapes, trims etc.  

    Please contact us, our sales team is here for you!

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