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Dog Coat Turtleneck Winter Warm Pet Clothes Soft Cozy Shirt Vest for Indoor and Outdoor Use Pet Sweatshirt





Material: Polyester


XXS Chest 40-48cm, Back 28-32cm, weight: 70g, Suitable Weight: 4-7kg

XS Chest 45-54cm, Back 33-38cm, weight: 85g, Suitable Weight: 7-10kg

S Chest 52-60cm, Back 36-43cm, weight: 105g,  Suitable Weight: 10-13kg

M Chest 58-66cm, Back 41-48cm, weight: 140g,  Suitable Weight: 13-18kg

L Chest 64-74cm, Back 46-53cm, weight: 170g,  Suitable Weight: 18-25kg

XL Chest 72-82cm, Back 52-59cm, weight: 190g, Suitable Weight: 25-32kg

XXL Chest 80-90cm, Back 58-65cm, weight: 230g, Suitable Weight: 32-40kg

3XL Chest 88-105cm, Back 65-72cm, weight: 260g, Suitable Weight:40-48kg

Outdoor Use Winter Warm Dog Coat Sweatshirt PCKL22024

  • MOQ for customization is 100 pieces/color.

    Length assists you throughout the project: Functions, materials, colors, sizes, shapes, trims etc.  

    Please contact us, our sales team is here for you!

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