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Punk style Anti-Dog bite Pet Collar, made of soft leather strong, durable, soft and flexible. They are polished in order to eliminate any irritation, allergy, rubbing or wearing into your pet's skin!



Material: PU


XXS 2.5*25(CM)

XS 2.5*30(CM)

S 2.5*37(CM)

M 2.5*42(CM)

L 2.5*51CM

XL 56*3.0CM



Punk Style Anti-Dog Bite Bronze Pointed Rivet Pet Collar DCWN22003

  • MOQ for customization is 100 pieces/color.

    Length assists you throughout the project: Functions, materials, colors, sizes, shapes, trims etc.  

    Please contact us, our sales team is here for you!

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