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Appearance: White/ Black transparent
Capacity: 3.5L
Material: ABS
Food: Dry food and diameter: 2-12mm
Recording function: supports 10 seconds voice recording.
Voice interaction: Built-in HD speaker for remote interaction with pet
Real-time video: 2 million HD image pixels 1920*1080
APP: doodle intelligence, supports multi-account sharing
Mobile phone remote feeding: mobile phone control, manual feeding 1~10 portions each time
Supports the key locking function (to prevent pets from pressing keys to eat)
Feeding settings:  Regular feeding 1-8 times a day, up to 20 portions each time,7 g±2g per portion
Worry-free power failure: spare battery design, power failure and continuous food
Motor: high quality motor with service life of 2000 hours and rated voltage of 5V
Dual power supply system: power adapter priority/3 No. 1 batteries (standby)
Standby power consumption: 5V/120UA, 0.6W
G.W:1.88KG  N.W:1.48KG
Item Size: 19.5*17.5*31cm
Box Size: 21.5*19.5*33cm     Carton Size
:45*41*35cm        Carton Weight: G.W:8.28KG  N.W:7.52KG 


  • MOQ for customization is 100 pieces/color.

    Length assists you throughout the project: Functions, materials, colors, sizes, shapes, trims etc.  

    Please contact us, our sales team is here for you!

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