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Best 5 Wholesale Suppliers for Dog Collar

Updated: Apr 13, 2022


Top dog collars are comfortable, safe, and tight enough not to slip off. Whatever any dog needs, it must be a quality collar. For that reason, it would be best to sell the best dog collars from top suppliers. Selling ones that do not fit well can irritate the dog's skin or injure its trachea, scaring away customers.

For instance, "training” collars like the prong collar or choke chain can result in severe injuries. In any case, a comfortable and well-fitting dog collar can be a valuable asset to your customers. To get and sell the best quality pets products, you should deal with trustworthy pet suppliers.

This article will discuss the best five wholesale suppliers for dog collars. This list will help you choose the best suppliers to serve your customers longer.

1. LengthPets Dog Collars (Best Overall)


Are you looking to sell quality dog collars with a built-in ring near the buckle for users to hang tags? LengthPets supplies the most beautiful several colors dog collars with a sealed edge. They provide pet collars with cream & brown shades, sheepskin leather padding and soft inside.

LengthPets is a supplier and manufacturer of pets products that has serviced hundreds of vendors since 2009. They have over 185 employees, ten production lines, and about 1700 square meters of buildings.

The company also boasts about 16 computer sewing devices, eight cotton filling gadgets, five cutting machines, seven sample makers, two CAD pattern markers, and around three designers. Since they have about 12 years of experience in the industry, they can be your best supplier for pet toys, drink fountains, smart pet feeders, dog mats, dog beds, pet costumes, pet clothes, leashes, and harnesses.

In any case, they offer services to more than 60 countries, including trading companies, department stores, supermarkets, private labels, retailers, and brands. The designers focus on the dog’s comfort. Thus, the D-ring and buckle come with solid brass hardware resistant to corrosion and rust.

Above all, the collars feature superior artistry and quality with naturally tanned leather. Most importantly, it is free from dyes and chemicals to safeguard the dog’s health and get you more customers.

2. Tuff PUPPER Wholesale Pet Supplies


Tuff PUPPER provides rugged dog collar solutions with a classic design and a metal buckle. The buckle features a 3mm thick fray and rip-proof ballistic weave for a perfect combination of design aesthetics and extreme durability. These pet collars are more durable than leather and nylon ones.

What’s more, the pet collars are 100% waterproof. Therefore, they can be a suitable option for lakes, oceans, snow, and rain with no breakdown in material long-term. The best part is that these collars will not result in unpleasant smells like other materials.

For the most part, the pet collars are lightweight and stylish. They come with rich, attractive, and style grain colors to give you an elite elegance. The collars are suitable for all breeds and come with benefits such as a comfortable, flexible, and lightweight design. Yet, they are tough enough to resist scratching and tearing.

3. Blueberry Pet Supplies


This company offers the best options for retailers looking for an affordable, sturdy, and quality dog collar. The collars come in different sizes and colors that are suitable for your pet. Pet products retailers looking to reap even better results from the company can opt for matching harnesses and leashes.

It would be best to mention that Blueberry Pet’s products are most suitable for the typical dog yearning for a fashionable and solid collar. They feature durable and thick materials to help withstand normal wear and tear.

In simple terms, their products come with high-quality nylon with a colorful and bright look. They also provide matching accessories to ensure that your customers get the complete package.

The Blueberry Pet collars manufacturers offer ideal product lines and a classic collection of pets products. For the most part, these products have high-density webbing and nylon fabric to ensure comfort and quality.

4. COLLARDIRECT Pet Supplies


COLLARDIRECT describes a top-class supplier that you can rely on for quality dog collars. The company pays close attention to traditional and detailed craftsmanship. It has ventured into the leather dog collars industry since 2010 with an array of quality products.

They also offer other products such as matching leashes to deliver better results. Generally, their leather pet collars are suitable for all dog ages. They feature different sizes to ensure an excellent fit for puppies and adult dogs.

It would be best to get the proper measurements before selling any dog collar to ensure quality results. The good thing is that fitting collars will help your customers prevent tangling. They come with genuine leather to ensure maximum longevity and comfort.

The manufacturers offer rolled leather pet collars that are suitable for most breeds. It can be an excellent addition to the dog for “matting.” In simple terms, their collars fit well for all pets and also allow the users to add tags.

Above all, COLLARDIRECT offers products in different colors, including white, blue, purple, green, red, black, orange, and pink. The best part is that these pet collars are suitable for daily use.

5. Toys & Behavior Dog Collars


If your dog stays most of the time outdoors, you need a durable & waterproof collar that is comfortable and does not irritate or rub. Most people opt for a pet collar to render their pets safe. For instance, it should break away safely if the dog gets tangled or snagged.

The Toys & Behavior Company provides quality dog collars that allow your dog to break away for safety. Whenever the dog applies intense pressure due to a risky position, it breaks away. Their products come with an apt level of durability to ensure quality results.

Most pet owners value their pets and consider them family members. The idea that it could get strangled in a traditional dog collar is pretty disturbing. Toys & Behavior products can be the best option for you. The company focuses more on the collars’ quality, comfort, and safety. If you want a pet collar based on these metrics, they will be your best run-to-company.

Choosing the Best Dog Collar Supplier


Although most retailers offer wrong dog collars, they can be a vital asset for training. Most wholesale pet supplies say that most customers end up choosing too tight dog collars. In general, it can be an excellent idea to advocate for dog training and adaptation to the collar lifestyle at an earlier stage.

The best dog collar from the best wholesale dog supplies can be a fundamental solution. It would be best to mention that not all dogs will respond to collars well. Different pets have different collar preferences.

Therefore, it would be best to provide the best option for each dog. For instance, choke collar pet stores offer braided, rolled, and chain nylon products. On the other hand, prong collars come with metal prongs to connect all pressure points.

Thus, they allow the owner to control their pet at ease. Nevertheless, the dog gets minimal choices and control. Prong and choke dog clothes can be helpful for dog training. Most professional dog trainers use a pet collar.


Like all other dog collars, it is vital to sell the best fit. The wholesale dog collars and wholesale dog beds should allow the dog to bark, pant, drink, and eat comfortably. It would help to also check on the quality of services, price of products, and delivery duration before you place the order.


The bottom line is that pet grooming is equally essential as pet food. Therefore, the dog harness should be a product from the best pet supplies like dog food. In any case, it would be best to observe this idea when stocking all other pet products like dog toys and pet clothes. Above all, the most crucial aspects to check for you to get quality supplies services include:

  • Delivery

  • Material

  • Quality

  • Price

  • R&D Capability

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