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Best 5 Wholesale Suppliers for Dog Bed

Updated: Apr 13, 2022


Proper sleep is a vital factor in keeping pets healthy. The dog bed should be hygienic with silk bedding, smart beds, weighted comforters, and weighted blankets. In any case, it is crucial to treat pets with the same luxury that humans enjoy.

Offering apt bedding for dogs is vital for their safety, health, and comfort. Recent research indicates that most dog keepers get tempted to let their dogs sleep in their beds. Yet, this event can result in reduced sleep efficiency.

For that reason, offering high-quality dog products from top suppliers can get your company lots of customers. It will be an excellent idea to leverage online marketing to help your company reach even more buyers.

This article will discuss the five best suppliers for dog beds. The report is based on our expert research in regards to quality, cost, and delivery. It discusses the best dog bed brands suppliers for outdoor, orthopedic-first designs, and larger dogs.

1. LengthPets (Best Overall)


LengthPets describes a proficient manufacturer of dog and other pet supplies that has served retailers around the globe since 2009. The company stitches pet products such as costume clothes, beds, leashes, and harnesses.

They also offer smart products like smart beds, drink Fountain, and automatic feeders. They can be an excellent option for bulk orders for traders looking to focus on selling instead of constantly searching for suppliers worldwide.

They provide sustainable bulk production that is certified and affordable. In any case, they hire a team of experts to guide their clients throughout the procedure. LengthPets can be an ideal destination in design and mass production.

It is also a one-stop custom company for pet supplies like dog harnesses, dog leashes, and dog collars. Above all, the company offers consistent assistance for the sales team, design team, and production team.

In general, the company has worked with various brands in helping them transform ideas into solutions. They will walk the journey with you as a trader to help you define your ambitions. Thus, they provide quality services at an affordable rate.


The Casper dog bed suppliers can be an excellent option for retailers looking to vend products that offer value to customers. Most of its dog bed products come with both supportive and pressure-relieving tech to assist all dog categories to enjoy quality rest time.

Their dog beds feature washable microfiber material in extra layers to suit most dog paws. The good thing about the company is that they are reliable and offer affordable products.


Large breed and older (five to seven years) dogs that weigh 75 to 100 pounds are more likely to develop arthritis. Thus, they may require extra support and padding. PetFusion offers ultimate orthopedic dog beds with filled support pillars, cotton, and durable polyester.

They offer dog beds brands suitable for dogs with chronic pain like arthritis for extra joint support.


Older dogs face difficulty getting down and up high areas like human beds and coaches. This supplier offers lower dog beds for such cases. They provide products suitable for dogs that require a standalone rest place and at a lower height.

Their dog beds are lightweight and easy to move around. For that reason, can get you customers looking for dog beds for traveling. Above all, they are amazingly comfortable and washable to attract more buyers.

5. Floppy Dawg Dog Beds


Are your customers looking for dog beds for hiking and backyard activities? Such dog beds must ensure the dog’s safety, aptitude to resist outdoor elements, and be waterproof. In such a case, you should offer portable beds for convenience.

Floppy Dawg supplies suchlike dog beds that also allow access to shade. The good thing about the company is that they offer quality services to ensure a steady business with a satisfying market.

Choosing Dog Beds Wholesale Supplier


It would be best to monitor several factors when choosing the best supplier for dog beds and other dog products. For your firm to reap the best results from supplying quality dog beds, it is vital to opt for quality products and quality services.

Quality services entail delivery, cost, and customer experience. On the other hand, quality products entail material, durability, and efficiency. Here is a breakdown of the crucial factors to monitor to get better results. They include:


The best wholesale dog beds supplier should provide their services promptly. It would be best to opt for a supplier that delivers the products in a short period.

For the most part, pet supplies such as dog toys are high in demand. Thus, the supplier you choose to work with should offer services that can match or exceed the demand.

Price & Cost

The cost of acquiring a comfy bed for pets should not cost a lot of money. Thus, the supplier you pick should enable your company to offer a competitive price to pet owners. Also, the supplier should not charge more money for delivering products with quality materials.

Services Experience

The pet beds supplier you choose should be passionate about quality services. For that reason, you can check out reviews from recent clients to ensure that you get the service experience you would love.


In any case, quality material like memory foam should constitute a larger portion of the dog brands that you sell. Therefore, it would be best to research the company you choose and check out their pet bed materials.


When purchasing pet products like the dog house and dog bed, it would be best to focus on durability. Choosing products with durable material like leather will help to combat the dog's tough paws. Besides, it will help you save on maintenance costs.


The bottom line is that your dog also needs a room and should not rest from the cages. In simple terms, LengthPets can be an excellent destination for supplies for dog products like;

-Dog Harness

-Pet collars

-Leash set

-Dog toys

-Pet bags

-Clean tools

-Care tools

-Smart feeders

-Drink Fountain

It would be best to research further about the industry. Thus, you can choose dog products that will allow your customers' pet to lay and rest enough on a comfortable fabric.

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sam yu
sam yu
Aug 08, 2023

This is good too.



I am looking for a whole sale manufacturer of pet beds to supply me with bulk orders to se sell at shows and venues around the country

Can you forward me with your bulk prices please,

kind regards

julie colley



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