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  • Best 5 Wholesale Suppliers for Dog Bed

    Proper sleep is a vital factor in keeping pets healthy. The dog bed should be hygienic with silk bedding, smart beds, weighted comforters, and weighted blankets. In any case, it is crucial to treat pets with the same luxury that humans enjoy. Offering apt bedding for dogs is vital for their safety, health, and comfort. Recent research indicates that most dog keepers get tempted to let their dogs sleep in their beds. Yet, this event can result in reduced sleep efficiency. For that reason, offering high-quality dog products from top suppliers can get your company lots of customers. It will be an excellent idea to leverage online marketing to help your company reach even more buyers. This article will discuss the five best suppliers for dog beds. The report is based on our expert research in regards to quality, cost, and delivery. It discusses the best dog bed brands suppliers for outdoor, orthopedic-first designs, and larger dogs. 1. LengthPets (Best Overall) LengthPets describes a proficient manufacturer of dog and other pet supplies that has served retailers around the globe since 2009. The company stitches pet products such as costume clothes, beds, leashes, and harnesses. They also offer smart products like smart beds, drink Fountain, and automatic feeders. They can be an excellent option for bulk orders for traders looking to focus on selling instead of constantly searching for suppliers worldwide. They provide sustainable bulk production that is certified and affordable. In any case, they hire a team of experts to guide their clients throughout the procedure. LengthPets can be an ideal destination in design and mass production. It is also a one-stop custom company for pet supplies like dog harnesses, dog leashes, and dog collars. Above all, the company offers consistent assistance for the sales team, design team, and production team. In general, the company has worked with various brands in helping them transform ideas into solutions. They will walk the journey with you as a trader to help you define your ambitions. Thus, they provide quality services at an affordable rate. 2. Casper Dog Beds The Casper dog bed suppliers can be an excellent option for retailers looking to vend products that offer value to customers. Most of its dog bed products come with both supportive and pressure-relieving tech to assist all dog categories to enjoy quality rest time. Their dog beds feature washable microfiber material in extra layers to suit most dog paws. The good thing about the company is that they are reliable and offer affordable products. 3. PetFusion Dog Beds Large breed and older (five to seven years) dogs that weigh 75 to 100 pounds are more likely to develop arthritis. Thus, they may require extra support and padding. PetFusion offers ultimate orthopedic dog beds with filled support pillars, cotton, and durable polyester. They offer dog beds brands suitable for dogs with chronic pain like arthritis for extra joint support. 4. MidWest Dog Beds Older dogs face difficulty getting down and up high areas like human beds and coaches. This supplier offers lower dog beds for such cases. They provide products suitable for dogs that require a standalone rest place and at a lower height. Their dog beds are lightweight and easy to move around. For that reason, can get you customers looking for dog beds for traveling. Above all, they are amazingly comfortable and washable to attract more buyers. 5. Floppy Dawg Dog Beds Are your customers looking for dog beds for hiking and backyard activities? Such dog beds must ensure the dog’s safety, aptitude to resist outdoor elements, and be waterproof. In such a case, you should offer portable beds for convenience. Floppy Dawg supplies suchlike dog beds that also allow access to shade. The good thing about the company is that they offer quality services to ensure a steady business with a satisfying market. Choosing Dog Beds Wholesale Supplier It would be best to monitor several factors when choosing the best supplier for dog beds and other dog products. For your firm to reap the best results from supplying quality dog beds, it is vital to opt for quality products and quality services. Quality services entail delivery, cost, and customer experience. On the other hand, quality products entail material, durability, and efficiency. Here is a breakdown of the crucial factors to monitor to get better results. They include: Delivery The best wholesale dog beds supplier should provide their services promptly. It would be best to opt for a supplier that delivers the products in a short period. For the most part, pet supplies such as dog toys are high in demand. Thus, the supplier you choose to work with should offer services that can match or exceed the demand. Price & Cost The cost of acquiring a comfy bed for pets should not cost a lot of money. Thus, the supplier you pick should enable your company to offer a competitive price to pet owners. Also, the supplier should not charge more money for delivering products with quality materials. Services Experience The pet beds supplier you choose should be passionate about quality services. For that reason, you can check out reviews from recent clients to ensure that you get the service experience you would love. Material In any case, quality material like memory foam should constitute a larger portion of the dog brands that you sell. Therefore, it would be best to research the company you choose and check out their pet bed materials. Durability When purchasing pet products like the dog house and dog bed, it would be best to focus on durability. Choosing products with durable material like leather will help to combat the dog's tough paws. Besides, it will help you save on maintenance costs. Conclusion The bottom line is that your dog also needs a room and should not rest from the cages. In simple terms, LengthPets can be an excellent destination for supplies for dog products like; -Dog Harness -Pet collars -Leash set -Dog toys -Pet bags -Clean tools -Care tools -Smart feeders -Drink Fountain It would be best to research further about the industry. Thus, you can choose dog products that will allow your customers' pet to lay and rest enough on a comfortable fabric.

  • Best 5 Wholesale Suppliers for Dog Collar

    Top dog collars are comfortable, safe, and tight enough not to slip off. Whatever any dog needs, it must be a quality collar. For that reason, it would be best to sell the best dog collars from top suppliers. Selling ones that do not fit well can irritate the dog's skin or injure its trachea, scaring away customers. For instance, "training” collars like the prong collar or choke chain can result in severe injuries. In any case, a comfortable and well-fitting dog collar can be a valuable asset to your customers. To get and sell the best quality pets products, you should deal with trustworthy pet suppliers. This article will discuss the best five wholesale suppliers for dog collars. This list will help you choose the best suppliers to serve your customers longer. 1. LengthPets Dog Collars (Best Overall) Are you looking to sell quality dog collars with a built-in ring near the buckle for users to hang tags? LengthPets supplies the most beautiful several colors dog collars with a sealed edge. They provide pet collars with cream & brown shades, sheepskin leather padding and soft inside. LengthPets is a supplier and manufacturer of pets products that has serviced hundreds of vendors since 2009. They have over 185 employees, ten production lines, and about 1700 square meters of buildings. The company also boasts about 16 computer sewing devices, eight cotton filling gadgets, five cutting machines, seven sample makers, two CAD pattern markers, and around three designers. Since they have about 12 years of experience in the industry, they can be your best supplier for pet toys, drink fountains, smart pet feeders, dog mats, dog beds, pet costumes, pet clothes, leashes, and harnesses. In any case, they offer services to more than 60 countries, including trading companies, department stores, supermarkets, private labels, retailers, and brands. The designers focus on the dog’s comfort. Thus, the D-ring and buckle come with solid brass hardware resistant to corrosion and rust. Above all, the collars feature superior artistry and quality with naturally tanned leather. Most importantly, it is free from dyes and chemicals to safeguard the dog’s health and get you more customers. 2. Tuff PUPPER Wholesale Pet Supplies Tuff PUPPER provides rugged dog collar solutions with a classic design and a metal buckle. The buckle features a 3mm thick fray and rip-proof ballistic weave for a perfect combination of design aesthetics and extreme durability. These pet collars are more durable than leather and nylon ones. What’s more, the pet collars are 100% waterproof. Therefore, they can be a suitable option for lakes, oceans, snow, and rain with no breakdown in material long-term. The best part is that these collars will not result in unpleasant smells like other materials. For the most part, the pet collars are lightweight and stylish. They come with rich, attractive, and style grain colors to give you an elite elegance. The collars are suitable for all breeds and come with benefits such as a comfortable, flexible, and lightweight design. Yet, they are tough enough to resist scratching and tearing. 3. Blueberry Pet Supplies This company offers the best options for retailers looking for an affordable, sturdy, and quality dog collar. The collars come in different sizes and colors that are suitable for your pet. Pet products retailers looking to reap even better results from the company can opt for matching harnesses and leashes. It would be best to mention that Blueberry Pet’s products are most suitable for the typical dog yearning for a fashionable and solid collar. They feature durable and thick materials to help withstand normal wear and tear. In simple terms, their products come with high-quality nylon with a colorful and bright look. They also provide matching accessories to ensure that your customers get the complete package. The Blueberry Pet collars manufacturers offer ideal product lines and a classic collection of pets products. For the most part, these products have high-density webbing and nylon fabric to ensure comfort and quality. 4. COLLARDIRECT Pet Supplies COLLARDIRECT describes a top-class supplier that you can rely on for quality dog collars. The company pays close attention to traditional and detailed craftsmanship. It has ventured into the leather dog collars industry since 2010 with an array of quality products. They also offer other products such as matching leashes to deliver better results. Generally, their leather pet collars are suitable for all dog ages. They feature different sizes to ensure an excellent fit for puppies and adult dogs. It would be best to get the proper measurements before selling any dog collar to ensure quality results. The good thing is that fitting collars will help your customers prevent tangling. They come with genuine leather to ensure maximum longevity and comfort. The manufacturers offer rolled leather pet collars that are suitable for most breeds. It can be an excellent addition to the dog for “matting.” In simple terms, their collars fit well for all pets and also allow the users to add tags. Above all, COLLARDIRECT offers products in different colors, including white, blue, purple, green, red, black, orange, and pink. The best part is that these pet collars are suitable for daily use. 5. Toys & Behavior Dog Collars If your dog stays most of the time outdoors, you need a durable & waterproof collar that is comfortable and does not irritate or rub. Most people opt for a pet collar to render their pets safe. For instance, it should break away safely if the dog gets tangled or snagged. The Toys & Behavior Company provides quality dog collars that allow your dog to break away for safety. Whenever the dog applies intense pressure due to a risky position, it breaks away. Their products come with an apt level of durability to ensure quality results. Most pet owners value their pets and consider them family members. The idea that it could get strangled in a traditional dog collar is pretty disturbing. Toys & Behavior products can be the best option for you. The company focuses more on the collars’ quality, comfort, and safety. If you want a pet collar based on these metrics, they will be your best run-to-company. Choosing the Best Dog Collar Supplier Although most retailers offer wrong dog collars, they can be a vital asset for training. Most wholesale pet supplies say that most customers end up choosing too tight dog collars. In general, it can be an excellent idea to advocate for dog training and adaptation to the collar lifestyle at an earlier stage. The best dog collar from the best wholesale dog supplies can be a fundamental solution. It would be best to mention that not all dogs will respond to collars well. Different pets have different collar preferences. Therefore, it would be best to provide the best option for each dog. For instance, choke collar pet stores offer braided, rolled, and chain nylon products. On the other hand, prong collars come with metal prongs to connect all pressure points. Thus, they allow the owner to control their pet at ease. Nevertheless, the dog gets minimal choices and control. Prong and choke dog clothes can be helpful for dog training. Most professional dog trainers use a pet collar. Like all other dog collars, it is vital to sell the best fit. The wholesale dog collars and wholesale dog beds should allow the dog to bark, pant, drink, and eat comfortably. It would help to also check on the quality of services, price of products, and delivery duration before you place the order. Conclusion The bottom line is that pet grooming is equally essential as pet food. Therefore, the dog harness should be a product from the best pet supplies like dog food. In any case, it would be best to observe this idea when stocking all other pet products like dog toys and pet clothes. Above all, the most crucial aspects to check for you to get quality supplies services include: Delivery Material Quality Price R&D Capability

  • Top 10 Dog Bed Brands

    Being a dog owner, we know our dear pooches deserve the best rest. Because our dogs spend a lot of time in their dog beds, it's our responsibility to find the best resting choice for our pups that we can. As pet parents we probably noticed that our pooches snooze a lot (almost 12 to 14 hours a day) and anywhere, but it doesn't mean pups should have all territories in their possession. So give them a thorough sleep time, you should buy a perfect dog bed that is made of soft & comfortable material, easy to clean, and has perfect bed shape. Are you ready to buy a roasty-toasty and right dog bed? It is no secret that the dog industry is growing tremendously and dog owners spend hefty amounts on their canine buddies. We are purchasing and forcing the dog companies to create versatile and unique dog-related products. We have rounded up 10 best dog bed brands from luxurious dog beds to reasonable dog bed brands. Besides these luxurious dog bed brands, you can find custom dog bed brands too, to suit your lovely pup' s requirements! TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction The big barker (Headrest Edition) The Big Barker (Sleek Edition) Purple Pet Bed Sealy Lux Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed Furhaven Luxury Dog Bed PetFusion Ultimate Memory Foam Dog Bed Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler by sheri Casper Dog Bed Best Orthopedic & Elevated Dog Bed by Clubnine pets Orvis Dog Bed 1. The Big Barker (Headrest Edition) Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is perfect for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs Our list cannot be completed without the addition of Big Barker's dog bed. Without a second thought the Big Barker is at number one. What makes it number one? Its durability, sturdiness, and exceptional quality along with thousands of positive customer reviews enrich its value. It has plenty of features that compel the customers to purchase it for their dear pets. It is best for dogs of all ages. This big Barker dog bed is perfect for those pooches who have diseases like hip dysplasia, arthritis, recovering from surgery, and having muscles and joints pain. Perfect cooling dog bed awaiting you! The entire bed can be washed due to non-shrink microfiber properties and available in two different sizes of giant XXL and large XX. It offers you 10 years warranty and will retain its original shape and condition. And if it is damaged, the company will back your money. Its therapeutic foam will not pancake or flatten over time. Its sturdy orthopedic and foam is of exceptional quality. Benefits Orthopedic Memory foam 10 year guarantee Won’t flatten Easy to Clean calibrated for bigger dogs Soft to the touch 2. The Big Barker (Sleek Edition) Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is perfect for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs Big Barker brand has made a number of lists till this day and our list is not an exception to it. This dog bed looks like a pillow design and is well-fitted and can even bear the weight of a big dog. This dog bed gives a high level of comfort to your puppy as well as pooches. Best orthopedic dog bed! It has different color variations such as chocolate, charcoal gray, khaki, and burgundy. Due to its high durability, its price is a bit expensive. The price of this dog bed prevents you from buying a dog bed again and again for a long time. The entire bed can be washed due to non-shrink microfiber properties and available in two different sizes of giant XXL and large XX. It offers you 10 years warranty and will retain its original shape and condition. And if it is damaged, the company will back your money. Its therapeutic foam will not pancake or flatten over time. Its sturdy orthopedic and foam is of exceptional quality. Advantages Orthopedic Memory foam 10 year guarantee Won’t flatten Easy to Clean calibrated for bigger dogs Soft to the touch 3. Purple Pet Bed The best dog mattress along with 100-day free trial opportunity Purple designs sleep specialist dog beds for your dear pooches and canine. After a long day, your dog is tired and when lay sounds like ouch! But the beauty of this purple Pet bed is its orthopedic support to your little pooches. At first glance it looks like a mattress topper but something more is going on. It is created with hyper-elastic polymer along with high-to-medium density foam. This gives the vibes of relief and relaxation. To accommodate different sorts of breeds, this dog bed comes in three different shapes and is large enough, and can even bear your dogs' sleepover guests! The outer cover is ultra tough, moisture resistant and microbial resistant and kills the bacteria and leaves your house fresh from nasty odor. Cover is easy to remove and easy to wash. Even your big dogs can rest on it. Most interesting feature is a 100-day free trial, giving them comfortable rest and if your puppy doesn't like it within 100 days you may return it. But the mattress should be undamaged and clean to resale again. Benefits Easy to Clean calibrated for bigger dogs Soft to the touch Eco-friendly Affordable Various color choice 4.Sealy Lux Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed Comfortable Dog Bed Sealy is best known for its mattress services and it designed a variety of unique dog beds but our concern is Lux. Its design is all about comfort and giving a good sleep to dogs of all ages. Orthopedic elements in this bed provide support to joints, bone problems to arthritis dogs. Sealy designed foam without Mercury and other toxic materials and are completely non-toxic products. It is right bed even for medium sized dogs It offers four sizes to meet your dog's needs along with four color plates to accommodate according to home color scheme. All sealy dog beds come with one year warranty and If you or your dear puppy is not satisfied with this item, you of course return it within 30 days. But it should be its resalable or original condition if you follow its return policy. According to sealy its cooling energy gel will remove nasty odor and your pooch will feel as fresh as daisy. Its nice features compel you to keep your hand on it… Characteristics Especially versatile One year warranty Available in 4 different sizes Eco-friendly Affordable Easy to clean Radiates warmth Cooling comfort Non-toxic manufacturing Choice of color 5. Furhaven Luxury Best Dog Beds Comfortable & Slick Design: It's the best dog bed for those dogs having 180 lbs weight. It's available in five size options like, small dogs having (14x21x4″) size, Medium having (20x30x5″) size, Large dogs bed having (24x36x5.5″) size, Jumbo dog bed having (30x45x6″) size, Jumbo Plus dog bed having (36x51x8″) size, and Giant dog bed having (42x58x9″) size. So always buy the size which fits your dog's requirements. These dog beds come in different colors like gray, Chocolate, and cream. Its medicated-grade orthopedic foam supports the pooches joint. It's lower surface looks like a cradle and the end slope supports the hip and spine as well. Its unique design is easily accessible even by disabled pets and perfect for senior dogs! It's cradle design offers support to the dog hip and head and provides stretch out facility. Moreover, its sturdiness along with waterproof inner liner is worth your penny. The soft fur of this dog bed gives Cozy dog bed experience to your senior dogs as compared to other dog beds. Further, it is easy to wash and easy to remove. There are its unique characteristics… Benefits Very easy to wash Soft and faux fur cover Different sizes Ergonomic design Orthopedic Memory Foam base Colors variation 6. PetFusion Ultimate Memory Foam Dog Bed The perfect dog bed to remove pressure relief PetFusion Ultimate is a comfortable bed that looks like a couch with three side bolsters. Memory foam dog bed is a traditional shaped dog bed and a bit pricey for older dogs. The bolsters are filled with recycled poly filling, meaning eco-friendly green luxurious dog bed. The surface base of memory foam dog bed is designed with memory foam suitable for all types of dogs as well as healthy effects for them. Though bit pricey yet you can buy for small dog, large breed dog, even for arthritic dogs. Are you the owner of rambunctious dogs? Then you will be pleased to know that this memory foam bed has a non-slip base and water along with a tear-resistant cover. The cover is easy to wag due to 35% cotton. This memory foam bed comes in three different shades like chocolate brown, sandstone, and soft gray. It comes in four different sizes and after checking all sizes you will be able to choose the best one which accommodates your dog stretches. Even perfect for smaller dogs. Due to the green perspective, you can buy it and will not put a burden on the environment. Here are nice features… Characteristics Recycled filling Non-slip base Durable Very easy to wash Soft cover Different sizes Different color variations One year warranty 7.Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler Having multiple types and sizes perfect dog bed: Owing to various positive reviews about this dog bed, it deserves to be in our list. It is designed by sheri dog bed and is known as best friends by sheri. Due to its round shape, this giant donut cuddler dog's bed is an ideal choice for those pets who love to curl up. Its raised rims offer tight security and head to neck support along with muscles and joint pain relief due to soft-filling. What restricts to buy best friends by sheri. This dog bed is packed with nice features and available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. They also offer zipper as well as no zipper dog beds, blankets, and furry mats. Plenty of color choices! It's nice features are as follows… Nice features Muscles and joint pain relief Made with water-resistant nylon bottom and pet-safe faux fur Dirt and water resistant back Cozy and Luxurious Washable cover: you can wash it at home with cold and warm water. Note: to prevent the dog bed fur, you should insert it in the dryer in low heat and get it out when fully dry. 8. Casper Dog Beds Best dog bad with plenty of Cozy comfort Although the Casper produced the best mattress for human bed, now it gives supreme sleep to your canine companion too by producing Casper dog bed. Casper Dog bed is designed with two layer foam by combining elastic memory foam plus polyurethane support foam to give excellent comfort experience to your canine. Casper Dog bed comes in three colors of blue, gray, and sand. Cover is easy to remove and easy to wash. The cover is as strong as the dog mattress itself. There are three size choices and can bear even 90 lbs. Casper Dog Bed is a perfect choice for your pooch and offers relaxed dog sleep! Characteristics Highly durable Cozy and Luxurious Machine-Washable: you can wash it at home with cold and warm water. Muscles and joint pain relief Soft cover Different sizes Different color variations 9.Best Elevated & Orthopedic Dog Bed Club nine pets is best known for its most luxurious dog beds and the beds look like a modern look sofa: it's shape increases its cuteness. The armrests of the elevated dog bed are more cute than professional and its back supports your dog's spine and gives him a relaxing vibe. This Orthopedic bed is best for older dogs who are quite experienced to use it. Elevated dog bed known as the best cooling dog bed that gives your dog cool sleep. The faux fur of this elevated pet bed cover has machine washing properties along with muscle pain relief. Why not give this four legged friend a chance? The armrests of this Orthopedic bed are dig-proof and scratch-resistant, in case your pooch has a habit of chewing, gnawing, biting and scratching to cover. The nice features of orthopedic dog beds are… Nice features Cooling and keep dogs cool Tested dog beds of nine club pets Removable cover Back support Nice design to cool pets Highly durable 10.Orvis Dog Bed If you are looking for a dog bed that lasts as long as your dog's golden years, then Orvis is the name that should be on your radar. Due to high quality material and memory foam mattress the price of Orvis Dog Bed is a bit expensive. It is quite large dog bed and can adjust according to dog's body than other dog bed. They are available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes along with various colors. Even larger dogs and smaller dogs can enjoy it. Its ultra tight cover is easy to remove and washable. The filling of the bed is with plush memory fiber material. Uh-aah. Meaning your pet will sink in its foam and reach their dreamland. Its water resistant liner attracts your attention to purchase. Advantages Muscles and joint pain relief Soft cover Different sizes Different color variations Highly durable Cozy and Luxurious Machine washed: you can wash it at home with cold and warm water. Conclusion The bottom line is that your canine companions need your thorough care and relaxed sleep. So are you ready to give them sleep after a long exhausted day? Obviously you will, and to help you we provide a detailed guide about top ten dog brands and their unique advantages. You can choose the best size and dog bed that meets your dog requirements. If you like our post please share it with your near and dear pet-lover. Happy reading!

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    Pet Products Manufacturer ​One-stop Sourcing Solution MOQ Start From 100 Pieces 1000+ Trending Collections Get an instant Quote Custom Your Pet Products We provide customized bulk production for e-commerce brands who want to focus on their business instead of sourcing products all over the world. We help 100+ E-commerce brands to grow their business by offering qualified and affordable bulk production. Our experienced team will help you with every step of the whole process. Get An Instant Quote Length Pets Served 100+ E-commerce Brands to Grow their Business Submit Length is a professional manufacturer of pet supplies established in 2009, We start from stitching products like harnesses, leashes, bed, costume clothes, a nd smart products like automatic feeder, drink Fountain, smart bed etc. How to Custom Your Pet Products Design Varies of latest designs you can choose from Length, You can also send us your own designs or ideas. Create your own design Choose from our design Sampling After confirm quotation and product specifications, we will start sampling for your approval. Free samples 7 Days sampling Production 12 Years experience in industry give us confidence to make sure your order will be fulfilled quickly as well at an affordable price. 50,000 pieces of daily capacity 10 lines for diverse needs Delivery On-time delivery is our commitment for customers no matter you choose to by Air or by sea. 7 days for in stock products 30 days for custom products Wholesale Pet Products Collar Bag Bed Harness Clothes Leash Feeder Clean Toy Stitching Products Smart Products Best Sellers Pet Products Category Harness Collar Leash Clothes Toy Bed Smart Products Custom Filter Clothes wholesales Smart Products Harness Outdoor Pet Carrier Backpack DBGQS22137 Pet Carrier for Cats DBGKR22127 Backpack Pet Carrier for Small Pets DBGBP22117 Backpack Pet Carrier DBGSJS22107 Pet Carrier for Cats DBGQS22097 Winter Small Pet Bag DBGMYZ22087 Load More Why Choose US From design to mass production, we provide one-stop custom manufacturing service for dog collars , dog leashes , dog harnesses and other pet supplies. With consistent efforts of our production team, design team and sales team, we have become the most professional pet products manufacturer in China nowadays. Consult Your Pet Products Experts Contact us if any questions, Our sales team will reply you at the first time. +86 13913876040 Email Call Our Services Always Go Extra Mile 7x24 Services Anything unclear, Feel feel to contact us, Normally our sales team will reply within 6 hours. Fast Delivery If you don't need additional designs, just the finished product, we have the inventory to support fast delivery. Low MOQ If you want to wholesale our pet products, we support a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces What Our Client Say Mark, Buyer "During the whole process of purchasing, Length made me feel very safe. Their team is one of the best I've ever seen!" Janice, Designer "I know nothing When I get into pet industry, Length helped me a lot to make my thoughts to reality." Ben, Shop owner "Length always deliver high quality products to my customers and they've never once complained." Customers We Serve Our Blog Mar 17 Best 5 Wholesale Suppliers for Dog Bed Mar 17 Best 5 Wholesale Suppliers for Dog Collar Mar 9 Top 10 Dog Bed Brands For Wholesalers If you want to wholesale our pet products, we support a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces Sourcing Pet Product from Length Boost Your Business For Brand We have worked with different brands taking their ideas from conception to solutions, We walk the journey with you to ensure that we help you better define what you want. For Wholesalers Being one of the most equipped pet products manufacturing companies, we offer the best quality products at a significantly low cost. For E-commerce Company Our design team designs the latest products based on social media trends and data from e-commerce platforms.

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    Cat diseases, Early know ! Blood Self test in 3 seconds Magiccore Magiccore Let you know your cat's Health at home Generally urine does not contain red blood cells, through the detection of urine can be informed in advance of abnormalities in the cat's body, the initial treatment intervention, saving your time and money. Purchase Now WHY USE IT It is difficult to tell when your cat is ill. They can hide pain so well that you don't even know they are ill until the problem has become serious. Here is a sad story in the third person about an owner who failed to detect her cat's health problems in time, resulting in a delay that affected the timing of treatment BENEFITS FAST Clear results in a few seconds SIMPLE Visible results for over 48 hours EASY TO USE If the granules turn blue, you'll know it's time to consult your veterinary EFFECTIVE Works with most standard litters 300,000 laboratory tests Test Report from TUV Cooperative R&D team focused on health testing technology for 36 years Specially focus on cat health indicators for the subject of research Can effectively detect abnormal components in urine Use environment comparison test In regular cat use environments Water, sweat, non-acidic and alkaline fluids Will not affect the normal color development of the physical examination particles Water Sweat Normal urine Blood-containing urine

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    Products Home/Clean Dog Clean Manufacturer Lengthpets offers a wide range of pet cleaner products made from top-grade materials and available at affordable rates. Buy pet cleaning products in bulk from us and massively save on costs. If you want customized products, that’s sorted too; we provide customized pet products as well. All you have to do is tell us the products’ specifications. Our ardent team of professionals will carefully list each and every requirement and then start the process. We have more than 12 years of experience in the industry and can confidently say that we do whatever it takes to fulfill your order on time. The products will be shipped to your store in a maximum of 30 days. All our items are highly durable, made with meticulous attention to detail, and free from chemicals. Also, we never run out of stock. And once you keep our pet hygiene products in your stock, you will build the same strong rapport among your clients, as they will no longer need to go to a different store to buy pet cleaning products. Check out our top-notch offerings on the website. Harness Clothes Leash Feed&Drink Clean Toy Collar Bag Bed Dog Clean We don’t have any products to show here right now. Still not finding you're looking for? Contact our consultants for more available products. Contact our Expert for Latest Catalog About Length Factory Tour Why Choose US From design to mass production, we provide one-stop custom manufacturing service for dog collars, dog leashes, dog harnesses and other pet supplies. With consistent efforts of our production team, design team and sales team, we have become the most professional pet products manufacturer in China nowadays. Contact our Expert for Latest Catalog Full Solutions From Custom Dog Clean Manufacturers Designs Manufacture Logistic Blogs about Dog Clean Cases Mar 17 Best 5 Wholesale Suppliers for Dog Bed Mar 17 Best 5 Wholesale Suppliers for Dog Collar Contact our Expert for Latest Catalog

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