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Case Study

Case Study : Amazon Seller

We're Making A Difference For Our Clients


When you plan to launch your business on an e-commerce platform like Amazon, it also means that you are facing a very high level of competition. One of our clients was facing such a situation and he was under a lot of pressure every day.


Customer developed almost 10 different styles, But they don't know which one will sell better, So they just order a small quantity at first, But they need them in a week when the sale boost.


In the cooperation with this customer, we finished the sampling in 3 days and let the customer receive the sample within a week, thus quickly completed the sales test, When the sale boost, we finished 50,000 pieces production in a week.

How We Did It

We integrate the raw material at the development stage, And Focusing on sales figures every single day, Be ready to arrange the production accordingly.


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