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Case Study

Case Study : Pet Brand

We're Making A Difference For Our Clients


This customers have particular requirements for their dog clothes, which exceed the usual standards. They demand high-quality products that are both waterproof and durable, After all, they know what matters to them most!


When an active dog is running and playing, The elasticity of the moving parts is very important, But if we use a high stretch rib, it can have an negative impact on the dog's wearing comfort.


With six months of development and prototyping, we found a way to help the customer with their functional design. This product has been one of their best-selling products for years!

How We Did It

In order to create a material that could be flexible and waterproof while still providing the necessary wind protection for outdoor activities, our research team tried out different methods. After extensive discussions with clients about what they wanted from this project--a solution was found in combining various fabrics together until one fulfilled all of these requirements!


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