Best Dog Harness Manufacturers in China 2022

Updated: Apr 13

Meta Description: Even in 2022, Finding the best dog harness manufacturer can be a daunting task. With so many dog products manufacturers to choose from, it's difficult to tell which one is right for you and your business. Whether you admit it or not, Suppliers in China is your best choice for pet supplies, In this post we will share with you 10 best dog harness manufacturer in China for your needs.


The Best Dog Harness Manufacturers in China 2022

1. Nanjing Length industrial Ltd.

2. Shenzhen Sweetpet Pet Products

3. Wuhan Good Pets Pet Products


5. Pet Star Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Products

6. YangZhou Toyfield Pet Products Factory

7. Tianjin Happy Pet Tech

8. Dongguan Hanyang Pet Products Co. Ltd

9. Sarah Pet Products Co. Limited

10. SPUPPS Limited

11.Hangzhou GRANNIES Home Textile


The pet industry is constantly growing across the world, including China. China houses some of the best pet product manufacturers, including dog harnesses.

If you’re unsure where to get dog harnesses, you can consider some of these uncovered gems. The following list has some of the best dog harness manufacturers in China.

Each name on this list is carefully assessed. So let’s take a look!

1. Nanjing Length Industrial Ltd.


Length is a professional manufacturer of pet supplies, They offer very popular products in pet people, such as stitching products like harnesses, leashes, bed and costume clothes etc. and smart products like automatic pet feeders, drink fountain, smart cat nest, laser cat toy etc.

Length provide customized bulk production for e-commerce brands who want to focus on their business instead of sourcing products all over the world. We help 100+ E-commerce brands to grow their business by offering qualified and affordable bulk production. Our experienced team will help you with every step of the whole process.


NO. 23 Huashen Avenue, Nanjing, China.

Main Products

● Dog Harness

● Dog Collar

● Dog Leash

● Pet Bag

● Dog Bed

● Pet Clothes and costume

● Smart feeder

● Drink fountain

● Toy

● Grooming

Company Information


As a professional manufacturer and supplier of Pet products founded in 2009, Length have:

  • 17000 square meters factory building.

  • 10 production lines including 2 smart products assembling line

  • 185 workers

  • 3 designers

  • 2 CAD pattern makers

  • 7 sample makers

  • 5 cutting machines

  • 16 computer sewing machines

  • 10 filling machine

​Length provide customized services and one-stop solutions to clients.